Our facilities

More than 1000 m² of comfortable facilities at your service

Located within the Mi Tres Torres Campus and distributed in two floors, the facilities have the necessary equipment and technology to accomplish any kind of treatment.

Patient consultation and treatment area

Consultation offices

We have 15 warm and bright consultation offices; spaces designed to ease communication and eliminate doctor-patient barriers.

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Wound care room

Spacious and well-equipped, this room is designed to treat patients’ injuries or wounds and to provide regular follow-up care until they are fully recovered.

Diagnostic imaging area

Ultrasound room

At the ultrasound room we scan muscles, ligaments, cartilage, and bone surfaces to follow up injuries or make diagnoses.

Radiodiagnosis room

This room allows us to perform a wide variety of radiological examinations on patients of any age, size, and degree of mobility.

Tomography (CT)

With CT scans, we examine patients who may have internal injuries because of accidents or other trauma.


Mi Tres Torres’ state-of-the-art MRI helps us to identify injuries and to clearly observe other alterations, such as the presence of osteoarthritis.

Surgical and hospital area

Operating theatres

We have 6 operating theatres with all the equipment and instrumentation to carry out different surgeries such as hip prostheses, knee prostheses, arthroscopies, etc.

Single rooms

We have about fifty single rooms, with bathroom and sofa for the companion, designed to ensure the patient’s comfort during their stay.

Intensive care rooms (URMI)

We have spaces dedicated to post-surgical intensive care.

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Physiotherapy rooms

We have a specific rooms equipped and designed to recover functionality and mobility after an operation, as well as to prevent injuries.

Sport readaptation and training

We have a space equipped with the best materials and technology to guarantee a personalised rehabilitation process adapted to each patient, injury, and activity.

Swimming pool

We have the Royal Club Fitness & Spa facilities, located in the Fairmont Hotel Juan Carlos I. A space of more than 500 m2 with premium sports facilities,  swimming pool and water areas.

Parking in the same building

For your convenience, you can park your vehicle in the same building where the clinic is located, in Via Augusta, 281, Barcelona.

Collaborating insurances

At iMove we work with around twenty mutual insurance companies that provide healthcare services. Some of our professionals do not have their services contracted with mutual medical insurance companies. However, if you have a reimbursement policy, please let us know.

Financing adapted to your needs

If you wish, you can request interest-free, tailor-made financing for any of the clinic’s treatments.

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