iMove, as a reference centre in traumatology, the first centre in Catalonia
to incorporate MAKO technology, the intelligent robotic arm-assisted for knee and hip prosthetic surgeries.

We offer our patients the possibility of having a knee or hip replacement more personalised, precise and safer than ever before thanks to robotic surgery and Mako SmartRobotics™ technology.

What does this technology allow us to do?

To have greater precision in interventions

Thanks to personalised pre-operative planning in which a 3D image based on a CT scan is obtained.

More security

MAKO technology helps to precisely execute the surgeon’s plan, preserving more bone and protecting the soft tissues of the joint.

Minimising aggression and facilitating recovery and postoperative period

MAKO technology adjusts to the millimeter level with a margin of error of less than just 0.5mm

Having the latest technology

Robotic-assisted surgery has been practised outside Spain for 14 years. There is scientific evidence about it in more than 145 articles and studies. Currently, more than 300,000 surgeries have been performed with this technology.

Knee surgery

“This type of surgery has been performed with limited precision by doctors. With MAKO technology, we have solved this problem, as we perform preoperative planning by obtaining a three-dimensional image in advance by means of a CT scan. The synchronisation of the CT scan with the surgeon’s intraoperative assessment allows us, together with the MAKO robotic arm, to obtain the desired precision, with the surgeon always being responsible for decision-making”, explains Dr. Joan Leal, head of the knee prosthetic area at iMove.

Knee replacement surgery guide

Hip surgery

Doctor Joan Cabello, from the Hip Unit at iMove says that “Mako SmartRobotics™ allows us to assess bone structure, alignment, joint space and customize the plan of the implant placement, also it allows us to select the right size and ensure a higher level of accuracy during the surgery”

Hip replacement surgery guide

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