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Honda Team Asia, ready for season 2022

Honda Team Asia riders at the iMove+ facility tuning up for the 2022 World Championship.

The Asian team this year will be represented by riders Ai Ogura and Somkiat Chantra competing in Moto2 and Mario Aji and Taiyo Furusato in Moto3.

iMove has been working together with Honda Team Asia through the iMove Corporate and iMove Sport services for more than 4 years.

According to Mireia Porta, specialist in nutrition, the work that we do with the riders at our center “consists of fine-tuning their engine, body and mind. It is very important that the riders are in optimum condition to face the competition”.

In the same way, the riders work with Daniel Simone, iMove Sport‘s trainer, on all aspects related to their physical preparation and condition. According to Daniel, he mentioned that “it is very important to understand that each rider has their own goals and that is why we design a specific physical training program based on the physical qualities (strength, flexibility, endurance, speed…) of each rider”.

The World Championship kicks off in Qatar from the 4th to the 6th of March and the official tests will be held this weekend.

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