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At iMove Health we have created several specialised units to get you moving well again. We don’t want pain to stop you, so we treat the pain in all its senses. We help to improve the quality of life of patients with neuromuscular diseases, rheumatism, and other pathologies usual of the elderly.

We have a team of specialists in rheumatology, neuromuscular diseases, nutrition and integrative medicine (acupuncture and Chinese medicine) and we have the techniques and knowledge to offer you the best treatments for pain. Our goal: to give you back your enthusiasm.

Neuromuscular Unit

We offer an integral care and improve the quality of life of patients with neuromuscular disorders by providing access to innovative diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.


Nutrition plays a key role in our health, especially when our body is recovering from surgery. Good nutrition prepares you to achieve the best surgical results, avoid new injuries and achieve a good performance in your sports practice, without any risk to your health.

Pain Unit

When pain persists, beyond the physical suffering, it becomes a psychosocial problem. We offer you the most advanced treatments and therapies against pain.


The Rheumatology area of iMove is responsible for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of musculoskeletal and systemic autoimmune diseases.


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