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Edwin Jackson successfully operated by Dr.Jordi Puigdellívol at iMove-Mi Tres Torres

Movistar Estudiantes basketball player underwent surgery this past weekend due a semitendinosus disinsertion in his right leg.

The former blaugrana now playing for Movistar Estudiantes, Edwin Jackson, was successfully operated on Saturday February 19 by Dr. Jordi Puigdellívol of iMove Traumatología and Dr. Marcelo Casaccia, at Clínica Mi Tres Torres.
The shooting guard left the game on January 23rd against Unicaja Banco Oviedo injured and although the first medical tests pointed to a semitendinosus fibre rupture of the right lower limb, as explained by Movistar Estudiantes’ doctor, Dr. Juan José Pérez Toledano, finally “new tests were performed which confirmed that the injury is more serious: a disinsertion of the semitendinosus of the right leg“.

According to Dr. Jordi Puigdellívol of iMove-Clínica Mi Tres Torres, “this type of injury usually occurs after an explosive effort and although they are not very common, they tend to occur in athletes who participate in sports that require running, jumping and changes of direction. The sensation that the athlete suffers is a sudden, sharp pain in the back of the thigh”.

“In professional athletes in which recovery should be as quick as possible, surgical treatment is usually recommended and in these cases what is done is a reinsertion of the affected tendons in their ischial insertion”, explains Dr. Jordi Puigdellivol, specialist orthopaedic surgeon at iMove-Clínica Mi Tres Torres.

The surgery was successful and the player is already in the process of recovery.

The intervention was possible thanks to the agreement that Movistar Estudiantes has with ASISA as the club’s official medical sponsor.


iMove Traumatologia ( is a centre specialising in the mobility of the locomotor system, with more than 35 professionals of recognised prestige in the field of traumatology, sports medicine, rehabilitation and physiotherapy, sports rehabilitation and general health of the locomotor system.

With the motto Mou-te bé, iMove visualises and promotes its objective of accompanying all its patients to achieve the best mobility in their daily basis and in the practice of their sport activities.


Clínicas Mi ( is a group of clinics of Catalan origin, owned by the Masfurroll family, a surname with a long tradition in the Spanish healthcare sector. The group has two hospitals, in Barcelona (Clínica Mi Tres Torres) and Lleida (ClínicaMi NovAliança).

With the motto “Cure and Care”, the team behind Clínicas Mi brings knowledge and talent, but also vocation and effort, to make patients and their families feel “almost at home”.

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