About us

What drives us at iMove?

iMove is a trauma service that was created in 2015 by a team of traumatologists surgeons with a consolidated track record and with one goal in mind: to join forces to create a comprehensive service and solve any trauma and orthopaedic need.

  • At iMove we are driven by improving people’s autonomy and quality of life.
  • We are driven by the creation of a social and business benchmark project, with our sights set on innovation and progress.
  • We are driven by trust, honesty, professional rigour and the human quality of the whole team.
  • We are driven to guarantee the highest quality in all our operational processes and that is why we have been ISO-9001 certified since 2019.

Committed to improve your mobility and quality of life

As health professionals, we are aware that, to improve the quality of life of any of our patients through mobility, we need knowledge, tools, and commitment with patient’s well-being in mind. For this reason, we summarise our philosophy in 3 main areas:

Quality of service

From the beginning to the end of the treatment, we accompany the patient and focus on their experience and recovery.

Technical excellence

Our team is comprised of highly specialised professionals who solve all types of trauma injuries.


We offer new models of health care without medical-patient barriers and we are at the technological forefront in surgical procedures, we are the first centre in Catalonia to use MAKO robotic technology.

Get to know the 5 areas that comprise the iMove System

Our team incorporates more than thirty health professionals and has designed a 360º care system divided into five main areas of action: Traumatology, Physiotherapy, Sport, Health and Corporate.

Meet our team

Technology and well-being in renovated facilities

iMove is part of the Mi Tres Torres hospital project, with whom we share strategic objectives, technological resources, and unity of action. Mi Tres Torres clinical centre in Barcelona, Calle C / Dr. Roux, 76, has 50 rooms and the latest diagnostic imaging technology to serve patients from all over the campus.

  • Consultation area

    We have 15 offices for consultations and patient treatments.

  • Diagnostic imaging area

    We have an ultrasound and radiology room in our centre and we enjoy the imaging technology of the Mi Tres Torres clinic, MRI and CT.

  • Surgical and hospital area

    We have the surgical and hospital area of the Mi Tres Torres clinic, which has 6 operating theatres and 3 intensive care wards.

  • Rehabilitation and readaptation area

    We have rooms for rehabilitation and physiotherapy treatments.

Working together for a more inclusive society

In addition to our commitment to patients’ health, at iMove we collaborate with different foundations to ensure access to work and promote the integration of people through sport and its values.


AURA Foundation
We join efforts towards the labour integration of people with intellectual disabilities and we collaborate with the Aura Foundation by incorporating people with diverse abilities such as Marc into the team.



ÀLEX Foundation
We collaborate with the Àlex Foundation to raise the visibility of people with other abilities and get them to practice quality sport, regardless of their condition.



Isidre Esteve Foundation
We promote inclusive sport through our collaboration with the Isidre Esteve Foundation, which helps people with spinal cord injuries and reduced mobility.


We train new generations of specialists

The Hand and Elbow Unit of doctors Jordi Font and Enric Domínguez has created the ‘Fellowships’ programme aimed at new promotions of orthopaedic surgeons who want to specialise. Those interested can send an email to imove@imovetrauma.com with their CV and a letter of motivation.


Collaborating insurances

At iMove we work with around twenty mutual insurance companies that provide healthcare services. Some of our professionals do not have their services contracted with mutual medical insurance companies. However, if you have a reimbursement policy, please let us know.

Financing adapted to your needs

If you wish, you can request interest-free, tailor-made financing for any of the clinic’s treatments.

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